Planning a Cake and Bake Show? Check these Cake Baking Techniques

We all sort of know that the basic ingredients of a cake are flour, water, eggs, oil and sugar. But baking a cake has a bit more technique rather than just mixing them all together.

The above ingredients are found in most of the commercial cake mixes that you find in stores and in many other mix makers. A commercial cake mix doesn’t use any dried fruit. A commercial mix can have a large quantity of sugar and a very large amount of oil.

Mixing them all together

I usually only use half a cup of oil for a standard cake mix. This is for consistency. Sometimes I use a little oil and half a cup of sugar. I think it’s important to have the amount of oil and sugar the same for consistency. If you need a little bit more oil and a little bit less sugar then you might find it necessary to make a little cake with a slightly larger amount of oil.

All other ingredients in a mix maker are basic and are cheap to get. They are cake flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, poppy seeds, nuts, dried fruit and sometimes milk. Most mix makers will list these ingredients in the basic ingredients. But there may be some odd ones, but these are the major ones you need to pay attention to.

The two main things I look for in a cake mix are the flour to make the mix work and eggs to mix the batter correctly. The third thing I look for is milk to prevent the batter from separating during baking. If the mix doesn’t have these two ingredients then I will look for the rest of the ingredients. Sometimes I will buy a mix that has milk and nothing else.

Let’s Dive into Different Factors Influencing Baking a Cake


Flour comes in two types, self-raising flour, and bread flour. Self-raising flour is a very fine-grained flour that is used to help the mixes rise. Bread flour is a coarse-grained flour and you would use this for the coating and gluten. Bread flour for cakes is much finer than self-raising flour for mixes. My mix doesn’t have bread flour and therefore cannot be called a loaf of bread. It is called a cake mix because it would be a cake if it was baked in an oven. If you want to make cakes you need to make a cake mix. Flour for mixes can also be mixed with the oil to make a batter. Flour for mixes comes in a liquid form. Some mixes have oil, but it is mostly sugar and eggs.


Bread is the basic ingredient for cakes. Bread is denser than flour and therefore is very easy to bind it together. Bread is also used to make a crust when baking cakes. Some mixes don’t have bread but have other basic ingredients like eggs, sugar, and baking powder. There is nothing to bind the bread together. When you want to make a crust on top of the cake you add bread and mix it with the oil on the surface of the cake. This works fine but you need to be careful because if you don’t use a light hand on the bread and you may end up with a brick. Cake mixes can be made with a wide variety of basic ingredients. The basic ingredients that are usually added are eggs, sugar, baking powder, and vanilla. You also need to stir in lemon juice or lemon juice with sugar.

Cake Forms

For exmaple, in Europe, they eat cake at weddings. But they use it also when they want to mark birthdays, special occasions, and for small children.. Some cultures also use this name for other types of cakes. There are many cake forms. The shape of the cake will depend on the culture that uses it. In the US many of the types of cake are round, ovoid, square, heart-shaped, etc. So you need to be precise about the shape of cakes you want to make.

Cake forms are like the molds you use to bake the cake. You put the ingredients in them to make a shape of a cake. Cakes can be round, square, rectangular, etc. As you can see on the picture above cake is a round berry. Cakes are made of eggs, water, oil and flour. You need to add some leavening agents to the mixture to change it into a dough. In Europe you need to add yeast and baking soda to the mixture to make a dough. In the US some recipes use baking powder, soda and yeast.