Wine apps to have in your mobile phone

woman with wine and mobile phone

Despite the wide choice of apps currently targeted at those interested in the world of wine, these may well be the apps we should all have on our mobile phones.

They are apps that help the user to discover the best prices, to understand where the best promotions are, to clarify the notes they feel at the time of tasting, or even the harmonization potential that each wine has. Not to mention their scores, of course.

Wine apps

Vivino (iOS, Android)

We couldn’t start the list, with the most famous and innovative app that did change the wine sector by targeting new consumers and mixing a bit of social connections with wine expertise.

Vivino ranks first in this list with the best wine apps because it is considered by many the best app to always have at hand. With Vivino you can discover several characteristics about the wine you are tasting: score, price, places to buy, among others.

Corkz (Android, iOS)

Corkz has a database of almost 2 million wines and more than 4 million tasting notes, the first app to allow comparing two references side by side, on the same screen. In addition, it allows searching by text and by barcode.

Their welcoming phrase on the website says about it all: “Life is too short to drink bad wine.”

Tipple (iOS)

Tipple is the right companion for any user who wants to understand and learn how to taste wines. The app is a true guide that can be used when tasting a new wine so that the user can learn much more about the delicious liquid in the glass.

Hello Vino (iOS, Android)

Good harmonization can be a rather complicated task for someone who is not a real expert. But that doesn’t have to be a problem, especially for those who own Hello Vino, an app that helps the user to harmonize wine and food.

Winespots (iOS)

Winespots allows you to discover restaurants, wine shops and producers where “the wine is well treated”. It was actually created in a country that has a large history in the production of wine, Portugal and helps the user to discover the best places to taste and drink wine. What if the next trip depended on it?