Events with Wine and Coffee. Can They Be Mixed?

With the help of a wine maker you can drink your favorite wine with your coffee or vice versa.

Even though many don’t believe it, drinking coffee after wine could be an ideal combination. You will get a very strong flavor that has a lot of aromas. You can drink it like an espresso with cream or skim milk, or you can drink it like a dark espresso, where the name comes from. With every sip, you will get a strong taste of espresso, even the ones that have only 3 ounces of coffee. Even after drinking an espresso drink, you can find a hint of the fruity taste of the wine.

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woman with wine and mobile phone

Wine apps to have in your mobile phone

Despite the wide choice of apps currently targeted at those interested in the world of wine, these may well be the apps we should all have on our mobile phones.

They are apps that help the user to discover the best prices, to understand where the best promotions are, to clarify the notes they feel at the time of tasting, or even the harmonization potential that each wine has. Not to mention their scores, of course.

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