Stay tuned for upcoming events on food, wine and arts and how to buy such tickets online. Info will be available once an event is exposed here in the website.

For now, check this FAQ on how to get tickets for type of events:

How can you buy tickets?

Tickets can be easily purchased online whether through our website or partnerships websites. If you are unable to purchase online, or if you require assistance, we will also have telephone sales available.

What type of dress code?

Casual or business-casual attire is what is normally suggested for these events and festivals.

Tip: it’s important to wear comfortable footwear as you will be walking throughout different tasting rooms during the events and seating available is limited.

What does normally a ticket price include?

Wine & Food Festivals normally are non-token events. What does that mean? Your entry fee includes wine and food samples from participating vendors. Remember that with over hundreds of wines available, depending on the event, it’s not possible to taste everything in the room.

Tip: Enjoy your sample then use the available spit buckets and water jugs to rinse your glass.

There are sometimes pop-up wine shops at the events showcasing one feature wine from each winery for purchase. When such happens, make sure to grab some of your favorites wines before you leave the event.

What is the minimum age to attend?

It really depends on the type of the event, but you can normally attend every type of these events, if you are aged above 19. No minors are permitted at these events (including babies and infants). You might be asked for ID card if you appear to be under the age of 30.

Is there any kind of secure check on entrance?

It will depend in the dimension of the event, but normally these type of festivals & events, check whether attendees arrive at the festival intoxicated, and if so they will not be permitted entry and their ticket will be forfeited.