Learn How To Manage Crowds At Your Event

Learn How To Manage Crowds At Your Event

A crowd can be dangerous in the right circumstances, causing stampedes and trampling that can injure or even kill innocent bystanders in large crowds. To ensure crowd safety at events such as concerts, sporting events, protests, and even porno fran├žais expositions, it’s often best to use crowd control fencing in conjunction with security guards.

It is important to keep order in your events, especially if they are events visited by hundreds or thousands of people, so we have prepared a few tips that will help you manage crowds using crowd control fencing to create a safe environment at your next event.

What Is Riot Fence And Why Do You Need It?

Fencing provides a physical barrier between the crowds and the site of the gathering. Limiting the number of individuals who enter specific areas also allows authorities to better monitor the situation. Safety barriers may include chain link fencing and bollards. They are generally constructed out of steel, wood, plastic, and concrete depending on the type of event.

If an application requires gates, it might make sense to place them at intervals along the fence lines so that people can pass through them if needed. However, gates should only be opened when necessary because otherwise, they’ll become bottleneck points where traffic can easily get congested.

It Takes A Lot Of Time And Effort To Install A Crowd Control Fence?

The first thing you need to consider when choosing which type of fence to use is whether you want something lightweight or heavy-duty. You can opt for anything from lightweight vinyl, and aluminum, to even metal mesh.

The next step is to figure out the number of people who will attend your party. You’ll need an area large enough to hold everyone comfortably. For example, if you’re planning to host 100 guests, you should plan to provide seating for about 50 people per table.

The final step is to install the posts into the ground. To do so, first, drill holes in the ground for each post; then, pour concrete into these holes.

How High Should The Barrier Be?

The width of a crowd barrier is dependent upon how many people you wish to keep out. Crowds are typically wider than they are tall and can require a longer wall than you would expect. A good rule of thumb is that if there are 5 or more people within arm’s length, you will require 6-feet high fencing. If there are 25 people or more in the same area, then you will require 8-feet high fencing.

Best Way To Use The Crowd Control Fence

Make sure you don’t block any entrances or exits when you fence off your event space. You’ll need to leave these areas open so that people can move freely through them. If you’re planning on having volunteers stationed at entrances and exits, let them know where the entrances are so they can direct people appropriately.

You should also post signs near all points of entry telling guests which entrance to enter through!


Crowd controls are a great way to maintain the flow of visitors through your event. They’re easy to set up and can be placed anywhere to direct customers toward specific items or locations within your store. You can also place crowd controls near specific products or sections of your store to guide shoppers to those items. Crowd controls are especially useful during times when you have limited floor area and need to keep customers out of high-risk situations.